Welcome to Lighthouse Services' Case Management System!


Your Lighthouse Services' Case Management System (CMS) is a powerful tool to manage all your anonymous hotline reports.

With the Lighthouse Case Management System, you can track every issue from receipt of a report through resolution so you can enhance investigations, oversight, due diligence, and create a paper trail.


Here are just a few of the CMS features and capabilities:

  • View the report online
  • Add Company Divisions
  • Assign the incident to investigators
  • Assign User Roles
  • Assign Risk Level, Priority & Status
  • Record your Follow-up and Outcome
  • Dialog anonymously with Reporter (if reporter has enabled this feature)
  • Create an external document report
  • Restrict user access to specific reports
  • Add multiple file attachments to an incident report
  • Transfer assigned reports
  • Quick Response Messages to Reporters
  • Automatic Reminder Notifications based on Report Status
  • IP access restriction
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Data exporting capabilities
  • User-defined Incident Types
  • Auto-Assignment of Incident Reports
  • Report Scheduling
  • Closed Report Notifications
  • Dynamic User Profiles
  • Session Timeout Control
  • User Inbox
  • Custom Field Support
  • Password Policy Management
  • Information Links Page

NOTE: Your users in the CMS have no direct correlation to designated recipients who receive reports. If you wish to change your designated report recipients, you must contact Lighthouse Services directly at


CMS Availability


When using the CMS, if the system is left inactive for over 30 minutes while creating an internal report or performing another function, the system will time out for security purposes.  This default timeout value (30 minutes) can be changed by a company administrator. 


If your information is not saved before the program times out, you will lose your work and your information will not be saved.  We recommend that users compose any lengthy content in a document first, then cut and paste the information into the CMS.

Contact Us:

In CMS, a "Contact Us" link is available in the upper right corner next to your company's logo.


Use this for technical questions and to communicate directly with Lighthouse about the CMS.


Click the link to open an email.

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